General Maintenance

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong! 

Services include:   (Commercial and Residential)

  1. Check the trees, hedges, bushes, flowers & plants- (prune and trim as needed)
  2. Remove dead/unwanted foliage- (upon request)
  3. Ground soil testing.
  4. Weed eat heavily weeded areas.
  5. Tidy bark, mulch, rocks or any cosmetic areas.
  6. Blow debris off decks, patios, driveways, walkways, parking lots and street curbs.
  7. Water any plants, bushes or foliage that look in need.
  8. Leaf pick up and Removal 

Available contracts are Seasonal, month-month or one time visit.

We do precision work on Lawns and Bed work

Lawn maintenance

We offer a weekly, or bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance.  

Available contracts are Seasonal, month - month or one time visit.

Service includes:   (Commercial and Residentia)

  1. Mowing.
  2. Edging- (both hard and soft edges)
  3. Fertilizing- (3x year)
  4. Seeding- (initial, over seeding and patch work)
  5. Broad Leaf management-  (As Needed)
  6. Aerating- (Spring and Fall)
  7. De-thatching- (Spring and Fall)

Our Lawn Maintenance is done with high precision, straight lines, crisp edges.  Our soft edge maintenance and lawn edge creation is top notch.  Aerating and De-thatching scheduling begins March and September.

Leaves are a lot more then people think.

Fall/ Spring Yard Clean-ups

It’s that time of year again.  All the mess from the Summer mixed with the fall leaves.  Dont wait to long to have your yard cleared out before the winter.  

Services include:       (Residential and Commercial)

  1. Trim, prune and hedge buses and small trees.
  2. Weed out flower beds and any cosmetic areas.
  3. Leaf removal.
  4. Clear and haul off debris piles.
  5. Dead or unwanted foliage Removal.
  6. Gravel Spreading
  7. Lawn Season Preparation.
  8. weeding eating excess weeds and grass
  9. mulch and soil spreading.
  10. Lawn Aerating, Fertilizing.

Available contracts are Seasonal, month - month and one time visit.


Snow Plowing and Removal

Tired of being snowed in?  Backs hurting from all that shoveling?  We offer snow removal for both commercial and residential.  We got the equipment to get you out in a hurry.  We offer contracts to reserve your place with the plow team.

Services Include:    (Commercial and Residential)

-Full size truck plowing of Streets, parking lots and driveways- (Specific time slots available cobtracted clients)

-ATV plowing of small areas, sidewalks- 

-Hand snow shoveling/ Ice breaking-

- Ice damn removal and roof clearing- 

-24 hour service- (Seasonal contracted clients Only)

Available Contracts are Seasonal contracts, month to month, per snow push, hourly rates.



We do offer some unique services here at Cascaping Land Maintenance.  we are also flexible, if you have something that’s not listed in our services then please still ask us.  Here are some of our miscellaneous services

Services include:  (Commercial & Residential)

  1. Gutter Cleaning.
  2. Pressure Washing.  (House, driveway, sidewalks, parking lots, equipment, fences, decks)
  3. Holiday Decorations.
  4. General Labor.
  5. Moving items.
  6. Garbage & animal waste Removal.
  7. Cement patching.

services are available as add ons to Seasonal and month - month contracts.  Available for a one time visit.